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FLY ELEVATOR REPAIRS ( A Unit of G brother's company )

FLY ELEVATOR REPAIRS is a service company which specializes in providing complete repair and maintenance services for elevators or lifts. Our team of experienced professionals has the technical capability and experience to ensure that your elevator is in top running condition and safe to use at all times.

Regardless of the make or age of the elevator being operated, regular maintenance is a must. So whether you seek to improve your elevator’s performance or require periodic maintenance, We Do All Types Of Lift Repairing Servicess’s prompt and precise service is the answer you have been looking for. All our engineers carry out repair and maintenance services in-line with the respective manufacturers’ guidelines.

At We Do All Types Of Lift Repairing Servicess, we understand how important a smooth running elevator is to your everyday life and productivity. That is why in addition to our excellent on-site service, We Do All Types Of Lift Repairing Servicess provide customer support of the highest level, offering on-call elevator repair service. We are at our customer’s disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our engineers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure reaching the site in time and in turn updating our clients.


All types lifts repairs here

Hydraulic Elevator Repair

An elevator operated by fluid pressure, is used for lifting heavy loads from one level to another. These lifts or elevators have an advantages of not requiring a pit to be dug out and hence is usually the first choice in warehouses and manufacturing industries.

Passenger lifts Repair

Passenger elevators are a range of elevators standardised for installation in commercial as well as residential buildings. We specialize in providing all maintenance services for the smooth running of this range of elevators in various locations.

Capsule Elevator Repair

Capsule Elevators make a statement with their attractive design and lend the surrounding style. Installed mostly in shopping malls and upscale hotels, Capsule elevators require a special degree of maintenance.

Dumb Elevator Repair

Dumb waiter elevators are used to transfer food and crockery from kitchen to other places. It increases efficiency as well as space utilization. These can be fitted up to a height of 45m and travels at speeds of 0.32mps to 1mps.

Evacuation lift Repair

A lift system for use of the fire and rescue service to facilitate the safe conveyance of firefighting personnel and equipment in the event of an emergency..



Goods Elevator Repair

A Goods elevator is a high functioning elevator capable of transporting heavy loads. Mostly acquired by factories and industries,  a goods elevator is integral to running of the business.



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